Without doubt, nowadays one of the newest watch devices hitting the market is smart phone that incredibly is different from normal watches. How different it is? After fully understand this R-watch M26 phone watch, you will find the answer you want.

bluetooth watchR-Watch M26 Phone Watch
In the first place, you are sure to be out of expectation to the size especially its large screen. You can find three buttons including selection, volume control and rejection on the screen. On the right of the watch, you can see a one-off button, while the left side is a speaker and a USB connector that is used for charging the watch.

R-Watch M26 Phone Watch R-Watch M26 Phone Watch R-Watch M26 Phone Watch In the second place, you certainly will be surprised by its smartest functions. For one thing, since it is a kind of Bluetooth watch that can be controlled well and quickly while connecting with your phone. Then you can deal with any thing with the help of watch. For instance, when a call comes in, you can actually leave your phone in your pocket and answer the call with the watch. Yes, you can read the message as well. Of course, the incoming notifications will appear on the watch display so that you can see the information easily.

bluetooth watchbluetooth watchbluetooth watch

It seems to talk stratagems on paper. Thus, if you want to know clearly how smart watch works quite well, you should have your personal experience.

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