Most watches are constructed to last for an extended period. But unfortunately, this is not possible because of everyday use and damages like scratches, drops and water damage. When you purchase a watch, you don’t expect additional parts. Luckily, some manufacturers include a watch repair kit to help their users in future in case of problems. Most watch users have questions that need an answer, and we have come up with the common ones.

watch repair kit

Why has my watch has stopped working after I dropped it?

Dropping your watch can cause damage to the axle or wheel which is the part that produces the ticking sound. The best thing to do is to take it to a watch technician for a replacement for it to function once more.

Immediately I take off my automatic watch it stops working. Why is that?

The primary reason for your watch to cease working after you remove it is due to the insufficient wearing time, which means you have not given the watch time to wind itself from your movement leading to low runtime of the power supply. Also, it is likely that the mainspring is old or worn down after extended use. A quick solution is to replace it.

watch repair kit

After two years of using my watch, it has become slow and stopped frequently. What can fix this problem?

Every machine after a period of use needs to be lubricated to function properly. Remember that between 3-5 years, it is ideal for lubrication to take place to prevent slow functioning.

My watch is ticking too fast.

After extended use, the parts of the watch that have been lubricated can move around leading to other components to stick out. For instance, the mainspring. Another reason for the fast running might be because of a drop causing the hairspring to be misaligned. Also, a magnetization of your watch can cause it to run pretty fast.

watch repair kit

I can’t see the dial properly because the crystal on my watch keeps fogging.

The gaskets might need a replacement because they help keep your watch waterproof. If the watch’s crown is not pushed back in, water might have seeped into the cover causing fogginess. Take it to a watch expert to service the internal parts to avoid further damage.

When I wear my watch, it stops working, but when I don’t put it on, it works fine.

This is a common problem in quartz watches because of a defect in the circuits. After a while, the temperature changes resulting in heating up when you wear your watch. Take it to get checked out and also for a circuit replacing plus general servicing.

watch repair kit

How long does a battery watch last?

There is no specific time for a battery replacement until the watch itself shows some signs. A battery usually lasts between 1-2 years, but it is affected by functions like alarms and stopwatch. Some watches come with EOL which is an end-of-life indicator to tell you when the time is up for the battery.

To conclude, a watch is a machine that needs care and maintenance. Go through the above FAQs and see some answers that will assist you. Remember never to do a watch DIY even if you have a watch repair kit if you are unsure of the problem. For more stylish watches, please check here.

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