Finow has come with a smart watch whose model is Finow X 7 which has more advanced compared to others such as it has an own camera whose resolution is 2 MP. It has also a slot for a sim card. Stainless steel is used to produce this device which makes sure it is anti-corrosive.

Finow X7

The design and display
By the external outlook, a user may think it as a normal watch as there is not too much difference on the external outlook but there are a large number of features are present inside the device. The device is made of stainless steel which ensures long durability as well as a nice outlook. It is also very comfortable to wear because it does not affect the wrist badly such as swelling or redness on the skin, which is very common in times of wearing a normal watch.

As it is a smart watch so its screen also needs to be pretty much larger than the normal wristwatch. FINOW X 7 Smart Watch’s screen is 1.54 in inch which is quite standard to use for various purposes.

Hardware, Software and Performance
The smartwatch runs the MTK6739 Quadcore processor with Android 7.1 operating system, its fast, smooth with 1 GB of RAM and huge storage space 16 GB.


FINOW X 7 Android Smart Watch has Bluetooth version 4.0 which is quite fast and also more user-friendly than the previous version so a user can work with it more conveniently and more frequently.

Battery Life
The Battery capacity of FINOW X 7 Smart Watch is 600mAh Li-ion battery. This capacity is very standard and it ensures a long using time of the device. By the running mode, this can be worked for about 1 full day at a time and by activating standby mode it can run for 5 days without any disturbances.

FINOW X 7 Smart Watch has a built-in camera whose resolution is 2.0 MP. A user may need to take pictures even sometimes in the remote places where using a phone or DSLR camera is quite difficult in there he or she can use this smart watch’s camera.


Nano SIM card
FINOW X 7 Smart Watch has an option which is there is a slot for putting a sim card. And here Nano sim card is used so a user may use it for their various functions.

Call function
In call function, it has the option phone book by which we can save the profiles (names, phone numbers etc.) Another function is called history which is used to store the data that is; who calls, whom the user calls, call duration etc. Bluetooth calling and call remainder is also available which is very useful because by call remainder helps to give a signal to call a specific person whose profile we save.

Massive storage capacity
Bluetooth connectivity
Long battery Life
Call function
Good camera
Water resistance

Little bit expensive

Overall this Smartwatch is quite eye-catching and powerful. Visit to purchase one for yourself for just $126.99

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