The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and this Sunday is the big day for every one to gather with their family. Why people try their best to gather with their family to have dinner and eat the moon cake on that day? They also appreciate the full moon together on that evening. It is a traditional custom for all the Chinese and there is a very romantic but fairy tale about the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is said that there is a beautiful lady who name the Chang E lives in the gorgeous moon land and she is Hou Yi’s wife. Why she live in the moon and stay away from her hundred? Want to know more? Contact me and I will show more detail to you.

full moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival

lantern on Mid-Autumn Festival

In order to match with the romantic atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I pick up many romantic clothes, jewelry and other wearable devices for my sister and me to wear on that big day. As far as I am concerned, I think the people need not to put on too much jewelry or other accessories to as the embellishment no matter what kind of age you are. In my opinion, the best wearing style of us is wearing one fabulous bracelet and one romantic watch on our wrist to decorate ourselves.

women with accessory

wrist watch

What kind of watch I am planning to wear on the Mid-Autumn Festival? As the fairy tale is about the moon, so we need the ability to fly. So there are some butterflies on the surface of the women butterflies wrist watch, it means the freedom in the sky. At the first sight of the watch, I just consider it is so lovely and romantic for me to wear and touch. To my surprise, the price of it is not expensive and I can afford it. Want to feel the romantic atmosphere? Just possess it and then you can feel it.

women butterflies wrist watch

women butterflies wrist watch

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