Bring a watch is something that currently is not given the importance it should have, technology has advanced so much that with our mobile phones can do almost anything and it is not necessary to have a clock all the time with us. But there are other reasons why I consider it very important to have a good watch on the wrist, ones that go far beyond simply measuring time. Here are some fashionable watches for you.

MEGIR 2011

MEGIR 2011 Men Casual Business Chronograph Calendar Leather Quartz Watch

A leather watch for men is quite essential since it could be easy to style with outfits in different styles, like casual style or formal style. And it will be great to have this delicacy one.

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SKMEI 1123

SKMEI 1123 Rectangle Digital Stainless Steel Band Fashion Luxury Men Women Unisex Wrist Watch

This one is fashionable out of its metal design exterior. I love this one, which looks quite funny and interesting. And I bet that there are some men would love to have one in their accessory box.

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SKMEI 1068

SKMEI 1068 Unisex LED Digital Alarm Waterproof Military Sport Watch

This one looks a little bit sporty for young people, and it’s a waterproof sport watch. And I would love to buy this one as a gift for teenagers.

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