Do most of the clothes on your wardrobe have the fix collocations? In order to match with the different occasions, you need to buy a lot of clothes from the stores? In fact, there is no necessary for you to purchase so many different clothes. So long as you rely on the fashion accessories including women watch, fashion jewelry as well as learning the repeat one outfit skills from the fashion icons, you will find the fresh wardrobe!

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It is truth that almost every woman has the leggings on her closet, you need to make full use of the fit well leggings to accent your legs line and matching with the short shirt so that you can balance your body ratio! Go with the heels with high platform and black leggings, you will find your legs miraculous look longer, more than that, take the advantage of the short shirt in hard fabric perfect your ratio, at last, accent it with a pair of drop earrings, you can easily create the elegant look! on the other hand, the loose outline create the best visual sense, show a part of your shoulders will be charming, the shoulders joint which is the part with less fat, create the partly hidden and partly visible charming with the items in good tailor, pair with the same item-leggings, change the shoes to the casual one, put on Geneva Bling Crystal Watch instead of earrings, you can create the casual style!

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As for the western pant with simple style which can add more femininity for women, add a pair of designable heels, the whole grey collocation will be shine as blending the blue coat and handbag! It is the neutral style, accessorize the delicate necklace is a wise choice. While choosing to wear the vest with western pant is creative and show well your temperament.

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