Recently, there is a sentence that has aroused a great sensation in China even all over the world. A Chinese teacher handed in his resignation to the leader, he said, “ the world is so big, I want to have a see ”. Yes, it is this sentence that spread every corner and attracted people’s attention.

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“ The world is so big, I want to have a see ”. Without doubt, the journey is one of  indispensable scenery of life. However, when people know the importance of the trip, they seem to be more concerned about the quality of the journey, rather than the weight of the shoulder. When the shoulder bag is more and more light, people can travel more relaxing and enjoyable. In this case, only wallet, sunglasses and camera can be personal things that are carried together. Oh, don’t forget your beloved wrist watch. Wherever you go, put wrist watch into your small bags and time on your back, go through every time zone and walk all over the world. Finally, you will find the real meaning in your life.

Wrist watchwrist watchwrist watchwrist watch

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wrist watchwrist watch

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