Did you know that somebody paid 17.8 million dollars in 2017 for a watch? That’s a crazy amount considering that in the modern era most people consider watches obsolete because with technology and cellphones, you don’t need a watch to tell time. A watch is not only a timepiece but a symbol of style and craftsmanship which defines your personality especially if you are wearing luxury watches which are very expensive. Curren watches are quality timepieces that offer a luxury look and at the same time very cheap compared to luxury watch brands like Rolex and Omega which are highly priced. That being said, let us go through an in-depth Curren watch review and establish if they have much more to offer other than the price.

Curren Watch

To begin with the appearance, Curren watches have an attractive appearance that makes them look very stylish and luxurious. The physical appearance varies from one targeted group to the other like men’s, unisexual or women’s design but they are all handcrafted with stainless steel outer cases. A wide range of colors and designs to choose from gives you a stylish choice for any occasion. Depending on the model, Curren watches have either a square or round dial shape which allows you to get the bold and fashionable look of your choice. The best thing about these watches is that they come with different band/strap material like leather or stainless steel allowing you to choose the material that gives you maximum comfort. Though some model’s stainless steel band tend to fade over time due to regular use, you can avoid this by wearing the watch less often.

Worried about the inability to tell time using a wrist watch? Curren watches offer different types of display that allows the wearer to read and tell time comfortably. Depending on your taste, you can choose from dress, analogue, chronograph, sport and other displays of your choice. Water resistant capabilities vary from one model to the other so it’s good to understand a watch features before exposing it to water. In some models, you might notice that some dials are not functional though Curren brand alerts the buyer before buying. The dials serve as an extra decoration for the watch.

Even though Curren watches have some flaws which are understandable because their price is relatively low, they are far much better than many budget watches in the market.



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