Everyone will always find the reason to put on a wrist wear. Some will just put it on for fun, and others cannot even explain it, but they won’t miss it! But did you know that some wrist wears are designed to offer the best functionality? The purpose is just so well defined, and their benefits will always be overwhelming! Curren R5 is one of such amazing wristbands that you need to put into considerations. It has the most thrilling features that make it top rated and highly trending at Banggood!



Curren R5 is one of the best wearable devices if you are the sporty person who always loves to take all the records of your sporting data. This sports watch make it possible to record your sporting data with the Android phone using Bluetooth. You can then have the full access to your sporting data and the exercises throughout the day! Daily activities such the steps made, the calories consumed and also the distanced walked will all be recorded here. The Curren R5 will also play an important role in monitoring your sleep. You can analyze all your sleep progress, including the deep and the light sleeps hours!


The curren R5 also can act as the best reminder in all fields! Firstly, it can work instead of your phone since it always vibrates to remind you of any incoming call or the SMS. There is nothing more interesting than working or doing your exercise when you are sure to get all the information’s that are so important! It also has its  Sedentary reminder that always reminds you to be keen on your health! You need rest hours, and that’s why the curren bracelet will always remind you to take a break from your work to avoid Fatigue!


Other amazing features of this Curren bracelet is a remote camera control that can allow a remote photograph shooting, and also the USB charging system that ensures that your gadget is charged by a battery or a smartphone! Important to note is the silent vibration mode and also the wide enough OLED screen of 0.96 inches that makes it easy to access all the information’s on the screen! It’s also waterproof,  and that’s why people swim with this amazing current watch on! You can also do the diving without risking it!

To conclude, the Curren watch is one of the best, most comfortable and adjustable entity. Its amazing warranty has also earned it more credit at Banggood. It’s the best heart rate and health monitor that you should also purchase! Get it now at the friendliest prices at Banggood!

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