Every stylish folk strives to look amazing on different occasions be it a party, wedding or even a date. Apart from outfits, there more additives that need to worn to complement the outlook. Some folks use a chain, earrings or even a watch to grab the attention of others.


Usually, a good and a fancy watch add a perfect final touch to a fine outfit provided it’s correctly worn and matched. Interestingly, in order to look different, the skill of wearing and matching your watch must be perfected. This is because a watch can either build or break your outfit for it’s an expression of personality.

curren watch

One of the outstanding watches that you need to try out is the Curren watch. It’ s a luxurious watch that fits both men and women. Additionally, there are varieties of CURREN watches and you just need to choose the best watch that suits your occasion.

A CURREN watch is classic, simple, versatile and sophisticated that fits your style when you wear it to harmonize with your outfit. To look better, here are the tips to use to combine your CURREN watch with your clothing.

curren watch

  1. Let your formal outfit match your watch

A CURREN watch is a classic and formal watch that fits formal events, business or even a date. For instance, in a formal event, simplicity is the key. If you are wearing a black tie or a white one, a classic black leather band seek attention from conservative observers.

In a business, wear a cool and a simple watch with a limited compliment matched with a black outfit be it a suit or a dress. If you are going for a casual event avoid metal band and go for a leather band.

curren watch

  1. Leather matches with leather

Mostly, the color or the material of your shoes, suits or even a belt should assist you to choose the best band of your watch. It’s advisable to own a watch with interchangeable bands if you own shoes of a different tone.

curren watch

  1. Metal compliments metal

If you own metallic accessories, let the case your watch complement them. The case may be made of gold, silver or even steel that make it shine and look attractive.

  1. When not sure let your watch match your shoes

Most folks have black shoes though even brown shoes or any other color are better choices. Mostly, silver watches are perfect matches for black, gray, silver or even blue shades shoes.

In conclusion, always wear a watch that fits your body size as well. Usually, slim watches fit the slim folks while the bigger ones are a perfect match for the big ones. Anyway, I hope these tips will help you to harmonize your clothing and your watch.

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