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There is a leather watch that I bought in 2008, which has been worn out in 2012. I cherished that watch in light purple so much, since it’s a birthday gift from my mother. However, I didn’t take good care of this wonderful watch, and I do regret that a lot now.

leather mechanical watch

In general, the average life of the leather is about one year, if you wear it every day. However, this might be reduced, as you haven’t taken care of your watch in the right way. I have searched the caring for the leather mechanical watch online, and here are some advices that I have already test for you.

womens leather watches

My purple leather watch, one of the womens leather watches, is cracked due to the excessive dryness and the excessive humid. This kind of problem is common, since we sweat a lot in the summer. And the sweat does strip the leather strap of its natural lubricant, which may cause the cracking. As far as I am concerned, get a sport watch or sweat resistant watch strap instead, since the sweat does make things much worse.

leather mechanical watch

The items with sharp edges might slash your weather strap, so try to avoid embellishing your leather watch with sharp ornaments. What’s more, the buckle of your leather watch is sharp, so you should be a little bit careful as you put the watch on and take it off.

womens leather watches-3

Don’t wear your watch 24 hours a day. Your leather watch need to take a break at night too, so you should remember to take it off and let the strap to breathe as you go to bed at night.

leather mechanical watch

It’s inevitable for you to prevent your leather watch from the water, detergent and cleanser, even your water-resistant leather watch.

womens leather watches

After all, you should be extremely careful with your leather watch, if you cherish your watch a lot.

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