Over the years, there have always been mixed feelings about Chinese watches. Some hate them, some love them, while others seem indifferent. But one thing is clear, Chinese timepieces are slowly gaining traction, with a few brands already getting a nod from watch enthusiasts.

Guanqin, which translates to “Crown Instruments” is one brand that continues to impress. It has an outstanding range of affordable yet classy dress watches. Combined with the affordable price tag, exquisite workmanship, and accurate timing, you get a timepiece that’s an absolute bargain.

Here’s an impartial and honest review of three of its top ranking timepieces for men.


GUANQIN GQ20022 Moon Phase Automatic Watch

This is a striking automatic moon phase watch, one that keeps track of the lunar cycle using sophisticated engineering housed in an eye-catching design. However, the unique moon phase design is just but a fraction of the features that stand out in this watch.

For instance, it uses a low-maintenance automatic mechanical movement that delivers superior accuracy. In addition, you get three functional sub-dials for the 24-hour, calendar, and second display. Luminous hands come in handy to provide excellent visibility in darkness.

The hardware part doesn’t disappoint either. The band, clasp, and case come in durable stainless steel. A sapphire tempered glass dial completes the meticulous look to provide a watch that is glare free and of remarkable scratch resistance.

Just to point out, GQ20022 is water resistant up to a depth of 30 meters. Hence, it can handle sweat, water droplets, and rainwater.


GUANQIN GJ16036 Skeleton Moon Phase Automatic Watch

GJ16036 bears the same striking moon phase feature of GQ20022. But there are a couple of outstanding distinguishing features it brings to the table.

For starters, it has a hollow tourbillon, which besides giving the watch a stylish look, negates the effect of gravity. There’s a practical sub-dial that tells 12 hours and seconds. Whereas GQ20022 comes with a stainless steel strap perfect for formal wear, the strap of this watch comes in genuine leather to suit a range of different styles.

You get the precision and longevity of an automatic mechanical movement. Plus, there’s a luminous pointer in case the lighting conditions don’t suit you. The dial window comes in sapphire crystal for maximum resistance to scratches and glare. As for water resistance, it can withstand depths of up to 30 meters.


GUANQIN GJ16103 Skeleton Automatic Watch

GJ16103 is another high-performance watch that adopts the reliable automatic mechanical movement. It’s a classic watch that’s sure to highlight your taste.

The watch incorporates a unique and stylish hollow tourbillon, a feature that prevents your timepiece from getting stuck in a certain position. Plus, it has a multifunctional dial plate that displays both date and time.

Stainless steel hardware combines with a sapphire dial window to provide a construction that is not only durable but also elegant. Apart from the detailed display, this timepiece offers life waterproof resistance of 30 meters to protect against water droplets.



Guanqin timepieces are meticulous, durable, and with crowning features. Every part portrays excellent craftsmanship, great attention to detail, and unique style for both casual and business wear. And with an affordable price tag that’s hard to beat, it’s clear to see why these Quanqin watches are gaining traction each passing day.

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