While the technology is moving towards the big screens, technology is also trying to accumulate all the features if big screens in small modules which can be worn as watches. Biggest companies like Samsung, Apple have been providing smartwatches with a hefty price tag. You can buy a mid-range phone with the same price tag. Bluetooth watches make your lifestyle easier lifting the burden of taking the phone out of your pocket every time. You can get every feature a smartphone has on your wrist. Along with all the features, Bluetooth watches also consist of heartbeat sensors, pedometer and activity trackers. In this article, we present you the top three best watches available in a great discount in Banggood as its mid-year sale is hitting which provide best features without breaking your wallet.

bluetooth watch

M26 Bluetooth R-Watch

Available at only 17$, getting 79% discount from its original price, this small power pack includes all the features you need. With the Bluetooth 3.0 technology, you can connect it with any android phone with android 4.3 or above. You can directly dial from your watch or even receive calls from your watch. You can also directly view sent, received messages and also dialed, received and missed calls. This watch consists of a somewhat round dial with the diameter of 4 cm which is enough to view information. The sensors in this Bluetooth watch include a pressure sensor to measure atmospheric pressure, altimeter to view the altitude along with pedometer to calculate the distances covered by you. The watch will automatically vibrate if you leave your phone behind so that you would never lose your phone from now on. Other features include notification viewing, music control and remote control for the camera. With powerful 180 mAh battery, you can easily use this watch up to 2 days.

bluetooth watch

LYNWO T8 GSM Smart Watch

Within the same price range of M26, you get another smart Bluetooth watch which can be used as a standalone phone also. You can even connect it with the smartphone you are using via Bluetooth. This smartwatch comes with a GSM sim card slot and memory card slot supporting up to 32 GB. Powered by 280 mAh battery and along with MediaTek processor, the Bluetooth watch is pretty responsive and stable. You can also use it to connect with your phone and control camera, video recording and music. This Bluetooth watch also has 2 MP camera made with Sony HD lens. With improved pedometer algorithm and intelligent positioning system, your morning walk will be more awesome. The screen size is 1.5 inch with TFT LCD display having the resolution of 240×240. This model supports every feature of an ordinary Android phone and is available in black, white and blue color.

bluetooth watch

Newwear Q8 Smart Bluetooth Watch

A bit expensive than former two, this is more of an activity tracker than a smartwatch. If you are health conscious and looking for monitoring your heartbeat, blood pressure, and daily activities, then this is perfect for you. With 0.95 inch OLED display, this watch provides every feature a Fitbit watch can give but in one fourth less price. The dial is just 1 cm thick making it more elegant with its military-grade strap. This watch is IP67 resistant so can be used while washing, bathing and in rain also. This Bluetooth watch is equipped with a lot of features like water reminders, call notifications, calorie tracker, idle reminder, sleep monitor and also a Bluetooth camera. You don’t need to worry about charging up to 12 days after you charge it fully once.

bluetooth watch

These three watches basically cover every feature available in the market but your choice will be dependent on your need. The offers are available for limited time in Banggood so grab your favorite Bluetooth watch now.

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