A wristwatch is said to be able to display someone’s personality. It is said that it can show someone’s funniness, how rich they are, or what are the things that they like. Being able to make a choice on what type of watch to buy can be quite stressful. Now, we need to talk about a watch that is mainly used by people who like outdoor activities which are called the altimeter watch.

 altimeter watch

For outdoorsy people who like to climb mountains or take a stroll in the stream, a good altimeter watch is a really essential part of your gears. To some, it can be called as an ABC because besides being a watch, it is an Altimeter, a Barometer, and a Compass all inside the altimeter watch. These types of watches help you get the needed information for your outdoor adventure. Altimeter watches are also very durable and are designed to take on the hardest types of weather and its face is also scratch free which is also has a touchscreen which is also really gloved friendly. There are a lot of different altimeter watches out there but let me tell you what I think are the best ones out there in the market. Here are my top three picks.

  altimeter watch

1.) Sunroad FR720

It may be one of the most expensive watches out there but it is really worth it. It has a weather forecast and can obviously show the current date and time. It is waterproof and can track your fishing location’s barometric pressure with an automatic reminder if it is close to a danger level. This type of watch for those really into fishing but it is also a very useful watch for those who like to climb and hike on mountains since it also has an altimeter.

 altimeter watch

2.) Spovan Multifunctional Sports Hiking Watch

This watch is both waterproof and shockproof. It has an air pressure record as well as a barometer and altimeter. Weather forecast of the watch is also up to date with a chime in every hour. This one is also very recommended for those who are really into climbing.

  altimeter watch

3.) North Edge Fourier

This one may be the most expensive on the list but it is also the best one of the three. This is an ABC that has an added heart rate band. It has a GPS and a navigation system as well you can connect it to your phone. It can determine the distance in which you traveled, how far away you are from your destination, your heart rate and the calories that you burned.


All in all, there are a lot of different altimeter watches out there and these three are just some of the hundreds more different models from different brands. What’re the most important things to look for in an altimeter watch is if there is a GPS, an ABC and of course how much is it?


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