Pick Up Your Wrist Watch Again

Aug 1, 2015
The retro wrist watch comes into our view again due to the popularity of Apple watch. As the shape of Apple watch was designed into the look of wrist watch, it gives rise to people’s memory of wrist...

The Cicret Bracelet is on the Way

Jul 31, 2015
Long ago, we just know the date only by the paper calendar. Then as the time goes, we can know the time and the date from our watch and the smart phone watch which combine the functions of watch and m...

LG G Watch R, Your Perfect Choice

Jul 29, 2015
Nowadays, the smart phone watch is the most popular watch in our daily life. Why? As the smart phone watch can do more than common watch which just tell you the date and time. Maybe someone ever wante...

An Amazing Solar System in a Watch

Jul 27, 2015
There is no denying that most almost everyone loves the solar system as well as the starry sky. There is no exception for me and I love it very much. Surprisingly, I discovered an amazing and gorgeous...

Why Watch is so Important in Our Daily Life

Jul 23, 2015
With regard to all kinds of phenomenon in our daily life, have you ever thought about the reason about them? I am quite a curious person so I have many questions to ask, which might make others want t...

The Best Gift for Girls

Jul 21, 2015
Candy pencil pants have been popular since last year. Almost everyone has a pair of this pant and you can see it everywhere. Do you think so? But I don’t want to talk about this topic of it as it ju...

A Lovely and Romantic Watch for Girl

Jul 20, 2015
Do you have the memory that we talked about the luxury watches last week. After publishing that article, some people told me that it’s no meaning to share those watches as not everyone is so rich th...

Walk into the World of Luxury Watches

Jul 18, 2015
Summer which we stay in now always use unparalleled enthusiasm to embrace everyone. The blazing sun fills all the people who have a special personality and the optimistic attitude in daily life with a...

W2 Sport Smart Watch Arouses much Enthusiasm of Life

Jul 17, 2015
Along with the gradual expansion of our phone screen, more and more tend to choose a smart phone watch. Likewise, the sport smart watch also keep getting hotter due to its abundant function. You want ...

Jaragar Watch for both Men and Women

Jul 16, 2015
Two days ago, we talked about a classic black watch which is not a luxurious watch for men. After sharing that article to my Facebook, there are many girls ask me to share something like that more. If...