The Amazfit Verge is a fitness-oriented watch from the Xiaomi-backed wearables company Huami. It slots in between the Amazfit Pace and the Amazfit Stratos fitness watches. The Amazfit Verge is priced at $129.99, can track several different types of workouts, and even allows you to make and answer calls (on Android only).

Amazfit Verge

The design and display
The Amazfit Verge feels good on your wrist thanks to its comfortable, lightweight design. The Verge impressed us with its comfort, but its material choices were disappointing. Unlike other watches that sport a durable stainless steel bezel and reinforced polymer casing, the Verge is plastic through and through, with a plastic casing and a plastic bezel. The bezel is raised which helps protect the display from scratching, but it is not very rugged. The watch is also not waterproof. It can stand some light exposure to rain, but don’t swim, shower, or get it soaking wet.

Amazfit Verge
The Verge measures 43 mm across the face and is 12.6 mm high, so it’s a bit clunky-looking. Honestly, it looks more playful than professional. I didn’t mind wearing it to the gym, but I took it off before I went to any meetings. The biggest selling feature of the Amazfit Verge is the 1.39-inch, 360 x 360 pixel AMOLED display. The display is bright and the colors just pop off the screen.

Hardware, Performance and Software
The Verge is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core chipset with 512MB of RAM. You get 4GB of internal storage, of which 2GB is available for storing music and other data. The offline storage combined with built-in GPS means you can leave your phone behind when running outdoors, as you can just pair your wireless earbuds to the Verge directly. The 2GB storage limits the amount of songs you can listen to, but it’s a decent option nonetheless.

Fitness tracking
The tracking also is hit and miss. On the one hand, automatic exercise detection is an awesome addition. Mistaking a 25KM train journey for a speedy walk, however, less so.
When you walk for four minutes, it prompts you to activate tracking mode with a vibration, a feature that can be turned on and off. If you’re actually out and about and walking, the tracking was accurate in our experience with the watch.

Amazfit Verge

Where it falls down is the fact it doesn’t stop tracking when you jump on a train or in a car. There is a feature that can be fired up to stop tracking when it detects you’re stationary though, which is a plus.
The range of exercise modes is also a bit less comprehensive than some of the competition from Apple and Samsung. There’s no rowing mode for example, and more frustrating, in spite of surprisingly accurate indoor running tracking, there’s no gym mode to monitor heart rate when doing things like free weights or circuit training.

The Amazfit app
As for the smartphone app available for iOS and Android, it’s simple and effective, giving you insights into your watch stats – battery life, storage capacity etc, while also offering up sleep and sport tracking data, as well as another way to swap the Verge’s watch face.
There are no options to install third-party apps, so it’s very much a case of what you get is what you get out of the box.

Music and calls
Sadly, music handling feels like a bit of a hack job on the Huami’s Amazfit Verge. There are two ways to control your tunes – one is through a widget in the notifications panel, accessible with a swipe down of the UI.
This specifically controls music being played on your phone, and it works with third-party apps like Spotify. Sadly, it delivers a horrifically laggy user experience – press the volume down icon, wait, wait some more and the volume may drop, or it may not – kind of like an unreliable echo.

Amazfit Verge

Then there’s the music app. This controls MP3s you load onto the Verge itself, which may be handy for runners who want to leave their smartphone at home. This works a little better, but we never really used it because we’re sold into music streaming services.

Excellent value
Lightweight design
Five-day battery life
Vibrant AMOLED display
Built-in GPS

Charging cradle is bulky
Inconsistent sleep tracking

The 1.3-inch AMOLED display is vibrant and easily readable under glare, built-in GPS lets you accurately track your runs, and the five-day battery life means you don’t have to worry about charging it every night. This Smartwatch is available for purchase at

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