The Amazfit GTS comes straight in at the top of Huami’s ‘fashion’ line of smartwatches. The GTS comes in six different colors: Desert Gold, Lava Grey, Steel Blue, Obsidian Black, Vermillion Orange and Rose Pink. Each color variant comes with its own matching strap. Unlike some other smartwatch manufacturers, Huami has gone for a single size for the housing with the GTS.

Amazfit GTS

The design and display
Like every third smartwatch in the market, its exterior draws ample inspiration from Apple Watch. So if you are looking for a capable Apple Watch lookalike for a fraction of a cost, or simply a sporty looking fitness watch, you won’t be complaining.
The round dial and stainless steel body of the GTR are replaced by a rectangular frame made out of Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Thanks to that, the company has managed to keep the watch’s weight down to less than 25 grams, which is impressive.

Amazfit GTS
The Amazfit GTS has a sharp 1.65-inch AMOLED display that boasts of 341 PPI pixel density, which is a touch higher than that of the Amazfit GTR. The touchscreen is protected against scratches by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and has an anti-fingerprint coating that works very well. The screen has auto as well as manual brightness controls and is perfectly legible outdoors even under bright sunlight.

Activity tracking
The GTS comes with tracking for 12 different activities including running, cycling, skiing, and climbing, plus there is an open goal for general exercise. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters, and can be used when swimming or in rain and snow, but not for scuba diving. The screen shows calories burned, time elapsed, and heart rate when in fitness tracking mode.
Workouts are stored under an Activities menu, which shows some helpful data such as the amount of time your heart rate spent in different phases, and a graph showing how it changed. Further information can be found in the Amazfit app on your phone, along with the option to activate the GPS for tracking runs and cycle rides.

The Huami Amazfit GTS runs a proprietary operating system that is built to link your smartwatch with the app on your smartphone. The software running on the watch is very basic , and most of the customization and more complicated actions are done via the Amazfit app.

Battery Life
The Huami Amazfit GTS is fitted with a 220mAh battery. The company said that you can get 46 days worth of juice out of it in basic watch mode, which is with everything turned off and just using it as a digital watch, checking the time an average of 100 times per day. With GPS permanently tuned on, Huami said it will last 25 hours. With everyday usage, it can last 10 days on a single charge, apparently.

Sleep monitoring
The Amazfit GTS makes a pretty good watch if you’re interested in sleep monitoring. It’s lightweight so isn’t too noticeable on your wrist and all you need to do is wear the watch to bed. It will automatically determine when you go to sleep, and will monitor how well you slept.

The GTS connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0 BLE. There aren’t other options for connecting your watch to your phone or your watch to other accessories such as Bluetooth headsets. And since you can’t store any music on the watch, there would have been little point to connecting an audio accessory directly to the watch anyway. You can, however, control music playback on your smartphone through the watch, and this music could be playing through a Bluetooth audio accessory.

Amazfit GTS

Great design
Beautiful AMOLED screen
Water resistant
Long battery life

Setup and updates take too long
Notifications don’t always work
Software is limited
Heart rate monitor is jumpy

The Huami Amazfit GTS is certainly an interesting new wearable, and there’s more to like than just the very competitive pprice. Visit and purchase one for $159.99

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