The Amazfit GTR is technically not a smartwatch. It does not have an appropriate OS and can’t generally run different applications. You are restricted to the features you get out of the box, implying that it may occur in the class of wellness trackers. In any case, it’s significantly beyond what that so we can likely consent to consider it a smart wearable.



For the Amazfit brand, you can have confidence that you are getting a quality item from a genuinely trustworthy source.

If you share that supposition, chances are you will like the Amazfit GTR. The remainder of the list of capabilities incorporates sending notices and an intermittent action following. Actually, each wearable is about and if you feel the equivalent, unquestionably read on.


You wouldn’t expect any extravagant application integrations at this value point, particularly as the Amazfit GTR runs proprietary software instead of Wear OS, and undoubtedly it offers scarcely any shocks.

You can flick between tracks in case you’re playing music on your phone (although you can’t store music on the device), and a couple of inherent Amazfit applications -, for example, weather, heart rate tracking, and ‘discover my phone’ – are easy to explore on your wrist. In any case, by and large, you utilize the GTR for checking application notices and very little more.

It’s a disgrace, at that point, that those notifications feel like untimely ideas. In the end, when they spring up, they look askew and utilize an abnormal text style. They show little detail: you can’t see the assemblage of messages, for instance, just the title.

Emojis from WhatsApp messages won’t appear, which is annoying, and there’s no choice to follow up on notifications, for example, replying a message. It feels as essential as it might feel. It’s a suggestion to take a gander at your telephone, and very little more.


The Amazfit GTR fares better when it’s following your action than when it’s showing a notification. Step tally was precise – when we walked 100 steps, it generally got inside five – and heart rate was, to a great extent, right when contrasted with our manual tests throughout a moment.

We were likewise impressed by the degree of detail inside the Amazfit application: on your progression count page, it will disclose how far you traveled, the number of calories you burned, and estimates of your activity history, including whether you were walking fast or moderate.

The GTR will automatically disclose your Activity Intelligence score to you – a famous measure of action supported by a faired bit of science – for the week, calculated based on your heart rate. The thought is that reliably getting a score more than 100 every week decreases your danger of health issues, for example, heart diseases.


It has limited achievement here. Having a particular score to aim at gave us a lot of motivation to work out, yet we felt like the score wasn’t racking up when it ought to have been.

A single run would increase our score by 30. However, PAI is additionally intended to consider lower-level action, for example, walking. A heavyweight session when our heart was pumping didn’t make a scratch in the score, unfortunately.


Huami figures you’ll get 12 days out of the 42mm watch under normal usage, yet we missed the mark regarding that. Its estimate depends on steady heart rate detection, sleep checking, and three, 30-minute GPS exercise sessions seven days, which is the arrangement we had. However, following seven days, we were down to the residue.

It’s hence less remarkable than the company would have you believe. Notwithstanding, we don’t think it’s a significant issue, as seven days on a single charge is as yet great, extending longer than nearly anything on our rundown of best modest smartwatches, including pricier wearables than the GTR. Going seven days on a solitary charge for any shrewd gadget is a success as far as we might be concerned.

The 47mm is far and away superior: its bigger body can fit a 410mAh battery, compared with the 195mAh battery in the 42mm version. That size has a colossal effect – we didn’t have the opportunity to get it down to zero from a full charge, yet it was utilizing around 5% every day without GPS, with up to 10% on days with GPS.

Extrapolating, you’re presumably taking a gander 15-20 days of battery life on a full charge. That’s not exactly the 24 days of normal usage Huami claims; however, it’s still more than enough.


Looks elegant

Sharp, vibrant display

Long battery life


Essential notification features

Swiping between screens is languid



The Amazfit GTR is a solid budget smartwatch with deceptively great activity tracing, and its GPS is sufficiently precise to make it your main device for outside runs. The software feels sluggish, and its notifications are stripped down, yet its long battery life pretty much compensates for its weaknesses. Purchase the best and most recent Amazfit GTR smartwatch on

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