You may be accustomed to wearing the watch that is charged by electricity or battery, so have you ever considered to wear a solar power watch? If so, here the SKMEI 1049 is my strong recommendation for you from banggood online shop, which has won a great sale and many good reputations once it was launched due to its good quality, practical use and reasonable price. In the following, it is high time for you to take time to learn this watch.

SKMEI 1049SKMEI 1049

First and foremost, the whole watch is really good. There is high hardness resin watch mirror and the rubber band is pretty smooth to wear in daily life. Also, the PC watch case is sturdy in structure when you receive it. Surely it can offer you precise time anytime and anywhere.

SKMEI 1049SKMEI 1049

Furthermore, it is quite practical for you to use as one of LED sport watches or military style watches. Since it is 5ATM water resistant, there is no doubt that you can wear it for any outdoor activity and water sport. No any worry to break it while enjoying any sport.

SKMEI 1049SKMEI 1049SKMEI 1049

In addition, the price is very appropriate to purchase. Only you pay for $10.99, you can take it back your home at once and enjoy the excellent watch. It has to say that the cost is incredibly reasonable to shop such a good solar power watch.

SKMEI 1049SKMEI 1049

After knowing all the information about the watch, do you think it is worth giving some considerations for it?

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