As far as I am concerned, I think the music is the most wonderful and amazing thing in this modern society. The music can make you calm down when you are upset or angry; make you happy when you feel sad; and make you be confident of the future. The music just likes a close friend and stand by us all the time. No matter what happen, I feel at ease as soon as I listen to the amazing music, so I keep listening to it no matter when and where. Do you have the same feeling like that? How much do you like the music?

the girl listen to music

the girl listen to music

Being a music fan, I are crazy about all kinds of musical pieces such as the musical note, the stave and even many musical instrument. If I saw something about music and it is in a reasonable price that I can afford it, I will try best to possess and then collect them. Let me take an example for you. Once, I saw a beautiful and elegant watch and fell in love with it. But unfortunately, that watch is too expensive for me to purchase, so I have to give up it. Later I saw a cheaper similar watch like it, I purchase it without any hesitation. The YAZOLE 256 analog watch is my favorite piece now.

YAZOLE 256 analog watch

wrist watch with music

leather watch with music

Of course, maybe you have other different favorite thing like the starry sky. This element also is most of girls’ favorite thing. As there are a lot of girls putting on the clothes, phone shells and other wearable devices with the pattern of the starry sky. No matter what kind of style you want to wear, please remember that less is more. So you should not put on so much popular pieces blindly.

wrist watch with starry sky

watch with starry sky

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