In the early time, only a doctor could assess the health status of a person. But now advances in electronics and technology have made it possible for a large number of people to purchase affordable gadgets to monitor their health. One of the most innovative gadgets introduced is the Newwear Q13 smartwatch which includes a number of health-related functions. Now a 50 percent discount is offered to those who have pre-booked the watch at present.

newwear q13

Like most other smartwatches the Newwear Q13 watch has a dial which can display the time in digital and analog format. It is compatible with Android, iOS operating system and it comes with Bluetooth version 4 and above. The watch has the NRF52832 CPU for fast operation with low power consumption. The screen type is 240 dpi*240 dpi and is 1.5 inches in size. By raising the hand, the screen display will brighten. The watch has a provision for a Bluetooth photo using remote control, which is timer based. The Bluetooth smartwatch design is waterproof and dustproof, compatible with IP67, however,  you should not use it at higher temperatures which could damage the electronics.

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The watch has a number of healthcare-related function. One of the main features of the watch is the Electrocardiogram (ECG) feature, and the body includes an ECG electrode and the sensor with Texas Instruments TI ADS 129X chip, which also gives an overview of the health of the person wearing the watch. It is possible to monitor the health of family and friends by using the smartwatch. The heart rate and blood pressure of the blood pressure smart watch wearer can also be recorded using the sensors. To ensure good health, the users can use the watch as the reminders for taking tablets, medication, drinking water regularly, sedentary behavior, so they can act accordingly. A WearHeart app is also available.

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The sports and motion management features of the Q13 watch make it ideal for sports lovers. It is possible to measure the number of steps walked, time spent and calories consumed for walking and other sports activities accurately. This data will encourage the watch wearer to persist and attain his or her fitness goals. The watch has a multi-sports mode, allowing the wearer to track his performance, calorie consumption, time spent on a number of sports like climbing, walking, running, badminton, swimming and so on. The Lithium-ion polymer battery used in the watch has a capacity of 230 mAh and uses adsorption type charging.

newwear q13

With its low price and excellent features, the smartwatch Newwear Q13 offers good value for money, so buyers should book early to get the best price on Banggood.

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