A good watch does more than tell time, it also speaks of the wearer’s style and personality. This is why you always want to choose a timepiece that best matches your personal style and gives the world a glimpse of who you are. However, it’s not just about the looks because a good watch should also be both functional and durable. You can find all these qualities in the KOPECK GB-6001G wrist watch, a watch that has an exquisite, classic look and comes at an affordable price point. Here are some of the great features that make this watch a must have.

 KOPECK GB-6001GThe KOPECK GB-6001G wrist watch is a quartz men’s wrist watch that is water resistant with a waterproof guarantee of up to 30 meters. It has a round case shape that is 6mm thick which makes it look extra thin and stylish. It also has an analog display that shows the time, day and week beneath a 40mm in diameter glass dial window which means you do not have to squint to tell the time.


The watch is packaged along with one leather and one nylon band which are 20mm in width and 200mm in length. A needle buckle is used to clasp the band arms. The white background not only lends the watch a classic look but also helps you to easily read the time. It will be a long time before the battery needs replacing as the watch runs on the long life and reliable SR battery. The gold colored arms on the face of the clock are not only attractive and appealing to look at but they also help you to effortlessly read the time.


The beauty of the KOPECK GB-6001G wrist watch can also be found in the colors of the wrist bands. The colors are primarily understated tones that create a presence without shouting. This means you can comfortably wear the watch when you want to be fashionable but casual and you can even wear it to that all important business meeting. The colors of the wrist bands will also effortlessly match with any outfit whether casual or formal.

 KOPECK GB-6001GThe KOPECK GB-6001G is definitely a gentleman’s watch and it also comes at a very reasonable price and you will not be required to break the bank to buy one. It is a well-designed watch that is functional in terms of telling the time and in being trendy as well. This watch will help you up your style as much as it will help you keep time.


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