No fashion statement brings together a man’s attire like a watch. A watch is the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. There are numerous brands of fashion and luxury wristwatches. However, a fashion wristwatch may serve you better in the long run as opposed to a luxury wristwatch. Fashion wristwatches look just as exquisite as luxury ones but they are affordable for most of us. So you can easily switch up your watches to match your attire. From the suit and tie to the casual Saturday dress up or even when going to the gym. If you are in the market or a great quality fashion wristwatch, then Yazole is a great place to start. They have an amazing range of fashion wristwatches to match your everyday style. Here are some of my top Yazole watch picks.

yazole watch

Yazole 323 Men Quartz Wristwatch

This is a casual sports watch. It has a luminous face with a 45-millimeter case diameter. Its subtle leather straps make it a perfect fit for casual wear. One of its special features is that it is shock resistant. So you never have to worry about it if it happens to fall. Additionally, the Yazole 323 men’s watch is water resistant. A little splash of water would do it no harm.

yazole watch

Yazole 319 Luminous Sport Wristwatch

If you are looking for a casual wristwatch that fits perfectly with any style, this would be it. The Yazole 319 wristwatch is what we call a ‘black on black’ watch. This means it has black wristbands and a black face. The luminous green numerics on the face blend in perfectly with the black color. Not to mention that you can be able to tell time easily in the dark. It has leather straps and is shock and water resistant.

yazole watch

Yazole 334 Quartz Wristwatch

This is for the man who likes watches that call attention even from afar. It has a thick face fitted with leather straps. The Yazole 334 wristwatch just like the others is also water and shock resistant. It has a backlight thus telling time when it is dark is definitely not a problem.

yazole watch

The great thing about these Yazole watches is that they are all sports watches. This means they combine the function of a stop and alarm watch all into one fashion piece. So if you have been thinking about buying a watch, then get yourself a fashion wristwatch on Banggood.

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