A Review of The Sporty LEMFO LEM6 Smartwatch

Oct 25, 2017
Recently, LEMFO has released its LEMFO LEM6 which is believed to be as excellent as LEMFO LEM5 PRO. LEMFO LEM6 excels as a full-featured Smart Watch Phone. This superb Android-based watch is a rugge...

B3 OLED Bluetooth Headset Smartwatch: A Review

Oct 24, 2017
Keeping track of your health can be a huge pain. With your busy schedule, you’ll seldom have the time to spare to check where you stand health-wise at all times. A device that has the capacity to do...

The Review of KCASA N109 Blood Pressure Smartwatch

Oct 13, 2017
Participating in workout routines can be challenging for those who have medical conditions such as high blood pressure or heart conditions. Finding the right way to monitor these conditions can go a l...

Watches for You Special One

Oct 12, 2017
There are special occasions in which we want to show all of our love by a special object, a great option for those times can be watches, men love to wear them, it makes them look very fashionable and ...