Fall in Love with Gorgeous Watch at the First Sight

Nov 11, 2015
Is there a watch that got you in the first sight? Is there a watch that makes you hold your breath for seconds due to its beauty? In 2015, there is a watch that shines wonderfully among all the gorgeo...

What Kind of Watch Should I Buy for My Dear Mom

Nov 9, 2015
Recently, my mom’s watch, produced by Swatch, which was bought for the running, has been already broken. What’s more, her birthday is just around the corner, so it’s time to choose a watch as a ...

What You Need is the Leather Watch

Nov 6, 2015
You are wondering about what to wear in this autumn and show your unique vibe, so you might need some suggestions. If you have already got your clothes down pat, I guess that you might be looking for ...

It’s All About the SMART ITEMS

Nov 4, 2015
There is no denying that we couldn’t live without our smartphones anymore, as we use it to make calls, play games, buy stuffs online, and even monitor our health. There are more and more things we c...

Reasons Why You Need a SKMEI Sport Watch

Nov 2, 2015
If there is only one of the accessories that I could choose to wear, it must be the watch. As an essential and practical accessory, watch could be various and colorful, and they could add different vi...