Wear the Pocket Watch to Commemorate the National Day

Sep 29, 2015
The day after tomorrow is a big day for all the Chinese, do you have any idea about that day? In my opinion, it is the most important festival for the China as it means the new beginning for the China...

Keep on More Exercises by Wearing the Sport Watch

Sep 28, 2015
Maybe some people will think that they can take a breath in the autumn as in their opinions, the summer is the best season for them to take exercises and other seasons they should have a rest. But thi...

The most Elegant Watch for Women to Take It Home

Sep 25, 2015
Sometimes, people think the wrist watch is only suitable for the men, not the women. The women is more suitable to put on the jewelry such as the necklace, the bracelet and so on. But I want to say th...

The Cool but Elegant Watch for Men to Put on

Sep 24, 2015
Want to be gentle and charming in the Autumn? Want to be more eye-catching in the crowd? How to achieve this target? For the women, they have so much methods to make it come true as they can become mo...

Feel the Romantic Atmosphere on the Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 23, 2015
The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and this Sunday is the big day for every one to gather with their family. Why people try their best to gather with their family to have dinner and eat the moon c...

Let Smart Watch Become more Common in the Future

Sep 22, 2015
Are you guys tired of wearing the jewelry to embellish yourself? I think it is impossible for the women, maybe possible for the men. Most of the men consider that there is no jewelry is suitable for t...

Three Pieces to Improve Men Temperament in Autumn

Sep 21, 2015
The Autumn is on the way to get close to our life, and more and more autumn clothes are released on a lot of various fashion show from many well-known brands. There are so many clothes for us to pick ...

A Simple but Unique Watch for Women

Sep 18, 2015
According to the advanced technology of this modern society, intelligent people create more and more technological machine and a lot of things become more and more complicated. For example the mobile ...

Why Wrist Watch is an indispensable Device for the Agent

Sep 16, 2015
As we all known, the movies about the agents always are very popular among the human beings and the amounts of population to watch them are very large. There are so much agents films for us to see. Re...

Add the Elegant Temperament by Wearing this Analog Watch

Sep 15, 2015
For most of people, the watch is not only just a machine to know the time, but also an wonderful accessory to embellish their appearance. In my opinion, each watch has their own style and they should ...