The Methods to Collect the Antique Watch

Aug 10, 2015
The collection of watch always is an instant popular topic not only in the past but also nowadays. The collectors become so active when they find somewhere to auction the antique watch. With regard to...

How to Distinguish the Mechanical and Quartz Watch

Aug 6, 2015
Watch, always is the necessary accessory for people to wear in the daily life. Do you think so? I have wear watch since I go to school and I am a senior student of university now, so how many have I w...

Add an App to Your Smart Phone Watch

Aug 4, 2015
Do you remember those years that we played the Tamagotchi together? In the past, it’s essential for each child to hand on and it’s very crazy popular as well as the smart phone in this moment. Hav...

Pick Up Your Wrist Watch Again

Aug 1, 2015
The retro wrist watch comes into our view again due to the popularity of Apple watch. As the shape of Apple watch was designed into the look of wrist watch, it gives rise to people’s memory of wrist...