Review of LEMFO LEM 7 Smartwatch

Jun 20, 2018
In the past few years, our technology has gotten smarter, faster and smaller. It wasn’t long before manufacturers started working on smartwatches but the premium ones like the Samsung Gear can prove...

The Best Budget Bluetooth Watches

Jun 19, 2018
While the technology is moving towards the big screens, technology is also trying to accumulate all the features if big screens in small modules which can be worn as watches. Biggest companies like Sa...

LEMFO Smart Watch: The Best Gift For Father’s Day

Jun 14, 2018
Sometimes it becomes hard to choose the type of gift you want to give your loved ones. In this case, to your father. You will not want to give something that will not please him. However, it becomes h...

How to Choose a GPS Watch?

May 18, 2018
The very first GPS devices sold to common U.S. citizens was in the 1980’s – long after the GPS’ first existence in the era when U.S. scientists hassled to find the lost Sputnik satellite. In the...

LEMFO LEM 7 4G Smart Watch Review

May 14, 2018
Speed, convenience, accessibility. These three words accurately sum up the pace and regimen in which we live our lives today. We need everything to be available to us on an ASAP basis. When smartwatch...

How to Choose The Best Altimeter Watch?

May 8, 2018
In today’s world, the location of places is easy as one can use Smartphone through Google maps App. However, there are other instruments that are used to locate places as well as weather changes...

LEMFO LF21 Smart Watch Review

May 7, 2018
In this generation, pretty much everything is going smart. From smartphones, smart fridges, smart blenders, and of course, this would not be out of the party, smartwatches. Watches are worn for easy a...

The Best Altimeter Watches in 2018

May 3, 2018
A wristwatch is said to be able to display someone’s personality. It is said that it can show someone’s funniness, how rich they are, or what are the things that they like. Being able to make a ch...

NORTH EDGE Watch: The Perfect Choice for You

Apr 23, 2018
In recent days, almost everyone has become obsessed with Sports watches, especially men. These watches have become a sense of pride and have got a huge response from youngsters. But, there is a common...

Naviforce Watch: Classic and Stylish

Apr 19, 2018
The brand takes its inspiration and identity from two words that really embody what you can expect from your timepiece. Navy and Force, these words. Combined deliver strength, durability, strong perso...

Guide: How To Choose A Sports Watch

Apr 13, 2018
Getting the most out of your workout activities means making yourself accountable. Logging miles, tracking your pace, and timing your exercises helps escape training plateaus. Professional athletes kn...